No exit? Watch me!

I was never good at batting. I was not that useful as a bowler. And just to complete the set, I wasn’t much cop in the field. Often to be found wandering around deep fine leg during my school cricket days, the skill I perfected more than any was the athletic slide – pretty redundant if you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

My top score was eight. Off approximately 12 overs. In mitigation, the only shot I had been taught was the forward defensive. You’d be mistaken for thinking that my PE teacher was Geoffrey Boycott. Nonetheless, the experience was enough to convince myself that I could never hack it even as a club cricketer, despite more competent performances in the Sixth Form vs Teachers matches in later years.

And GLamorgan?

Have you heard of Matthew Maynard? He’s my favourite cricketer; I’d rather watch him play, than pick up my guitar” – Nicky Wire’s words, not mine. But it was the Mayn-man (see what I did there?) that lured me into the ranks of the Glammy faithful. Not being Welsh makes my choice more peculiar, but I did at least live in South Wales (Swansea, then Cardiff) during my university years.

And this blog?

This is my second attempt at entering the fraternity of cricket bloggers. The first attempt – Confessions of a Glamorgan Fan – had a confused existence before the decision was taken to let it drift into the internet abyss…  although obviously not as it still remains. This new one aims to have more purpose and more readers. A tall order…


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