Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 3/4) #11

1,000 runs and Alviro Petersen is closing in on the milestone. Although I reckon – by his own admission – the effort will ultimately be in vain. Promotion from the second division of the County Championship is looking bleak. Although not quite as bleak as some other things at the moment…

The Friends Life T20 has long become a faded memory. Concentration switched. Although annoyingly, to no better tales. A run of three straight LVCC defeats has pretty much terminated the chance of getting back into Division One. And while there have been wins in the Clydesdale 40, that’s another trophy off the radar.

Knowing where the Glamorgan team currently stands is a difficult one. Matthew Mott gets his first real crack at the team next year and will be using, surely, what we have left of this season to help guide his thoughts. Number one will be a new captain, or so it seems – Jim Allenby the front-runner perchance?

This is a Glamorgan team that never seems to age though, which might play into Mott’s hands. James Harris is still 16 and studying for his GCSEs, and Crofty is a sprightly young 32 year old. Everyone else is in between… if you believe that. The point is that there is probably no real need to break up the team.

It is a shame that Adam Shantry has called time on his career due to injury. A top bowler on his day, I still remember him and Crofty giving the Leicestershire boys what for in Colwyn Bay not so long ago. With the bat, you understand. And with the ball, but the 11th wicket partnership put on 1,854 runs together.

Anyway, we’re already a month or so from the end of the cricket season. Already. And that means the football season hath cometh aroundeth seth. Hence why my evenings have involved nurturing my favourite baby for the past month or so. A job lot of hundreds of clubs and player profiles yadda yadda.

But yes, that is why this blog has been pretty shabbily maintained recently. It is, admittedly, the case that after my messy divorce with all things football etc, I’ve run back to the harlot like the Frank Butcher that I am – avec motorised bow-tie mais sans cheeky Cockney wit. I’m not that fortunate.

Anyway, what’s coming up? After bemoaning a lack of cricket this summer, I’ve actually seen a fair bit. Lord’s, Scarborough, Dublin… they’re next. It’s just that I’ve not seen much cricket where I’ve supposed to be i.e. using my ruddy MCCC membership. That’s Middlesex to us normal peeps. Yes. I used the word peeps.

For Glamorgan, well, it has to be about as high a finish in both the LVCC2 and Clydesdale 40 group as possible. And we’ll take it from there. But if we may go through this season without losing to the Unicorns, I’ll take that. Now then, are we the world’s number one Test team yet?


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