Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 5/8) – T20 Special

Lights go out at Glamorgan v Middlesex

The lights are all out. And so are Middlesex.

15 July. Until then, two LVCC2 matches with Derbyshire are the sole respite from the beast that is the Friends Life T20. Glamorgan Dragons are now four games into their campaign, and are to play one game every 15 minutes to ensure all their group fixtures are finished by the middle of next month.

It had started quite promisingly, we thought. Although in hindsight, a win versus Middlesex is nothing much to write home about. It’s obligatory. A 45-run margin was, nonetheless, a comfortable one in the end after the hosts piled on 199. Chris Cooke perhaps standing out with 22 runs from six deliveries.

It was Jamie Dalrymple’s first return to the SWALEC since his acrimonious exit during the winter. The game was delayed during the Middlesex chase due to the failure of the floodlights. If you’re a fan of wild, unfounded conspiracy theories – it’s like a create-your-own right there.

The second game of the campaign took the Dragons to the reigning champions – Hampshire. Batting first, Glammy’s 120 rarely inspired confidence in armchair fans around the, hmm, country. And yet, the hosts were almost so willing in the near-choke that was the two-wicket win with four to spare. If only for 140 runs.

Glamorgan’s batting was back on track at the Oval. But then again, it is a ground that rather treats batsmen. Mark Cosgrove and Jim Allenby propelled the guests to an interesting 167-7 before biblical rains swept across south London. In doing so, Surrey were denied the chance to reply.

It would have been interesting to see how Surrey fared in response. Would Dean Cosker give the media something to chew on by taking KP’s wicket? Would Tom Maynard give Glamorgan something to chew on by taking them to the cleaners. So many questions. Well, two. But unanswered all the same. We’ll never know…

And onto the fourth and final game to catch up with. You can accuse me of being tardy. I would protest that I have been busy. Either way, it didn’t stop Glamorgan losing to Kent at the SWALEC. Mark Cosgrove and Alviro Petersen provided fair grounds for the Dragons to push on, but it was a laboured innings afterwards.

A partnership between Riaz and Northeast eventually did for the hosts and eased Kent past the target of 155 with two balls to spare. The visitors now join Glammy and Surrey on three points, with the Dragons travelling to Richmond to do battle with Middlesex tomorrow evening. That’s bottom-of-the-table-Middlesex.

Alviro Petersen has called for a response from his players and I am sure that it is going to be forthcoming. The dynamic of the top three – Cosgrove, Petersen and Allenby seems settled and fairly pro-active, while the bowlers have so far refused to let opponents get away. But now is the time to start forcing the results.

I say that now is the time, but it’s such a long group phase. Last year’s T20 quest started with a bang and finished with a whimper. I won’t mind too much if that’s reversed this year. Finals Day is not something that I’m ruling Glamorgan out of just yet… Stop laughing back there.


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