Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 1/2) #4

Royal Wedding

And there's the declaration...

10 – I think you’ll agree that welcoming a defeat with relief and a sordid sense of joy is somewhat unusual, but if you consider that a 10-run defeat to Somerset in the Clydesdale Bank 40 is 25 times better than the outcome of last year’s match, you might just see where I’m coming from. Yes. Literally 25 times better.

Had the rain not arrived, however, I dread to think what the damage could have been inflicted on the Dragons. Somerset were trundling along nicely at 200-odd for the loss of just two men. With 10 overs left. A score of more than 300 looked ominously likely. It doesn’t do me well to think about how much more than…

But you can only chase what Vera Duckworth and our Lewis put before you, and it was nearly a successful chase; Wright, Allenby and Rees the main protagonists in getting the Dragons to within 10 runs of the 196 needed in 19 overs. But it still leaves Glamorgan win-less in the CB40 so far this year.

And it came after Ravi Bopara and Matt Walker defied the prospects to guide the hosts Essex to a six-wicket win in the latest County Championship game. Having assumed that the win was a likely outcome for the Dragons, I watched the bloody wedding and went on holiday. If you want something doing…

It’s not the worst start to the season, certainly. Yet it probably will not do a lot to ease the tensions displayed by skipper Alviro Petersen on Twitter last week. The South African batsmen described his current form as the worst of his career – if he has any concerns about his contribution to the Dragons, he needn’t have.

Sure, he wants a big score with the bat to get his confidence flowing. All batsmen go through such phases though, no? However, he can be quite satisfied with how he has managed the other players – especially the bowlers. With the exception of Surrey (and perhaps Essex away), he has brought the best out of the attack.

Ben Wright and Will Bragg have chipped in with useful runs, while Gareth Rees and Michael Powell are starting to find their feet. There is no concern – at least there shouldn’t be – about Petersen’s form with the bat. Current season form is a temporary matter, the underlying class will shine through.

As you can see, a career in motivational speaking is not awaiting me. But Alviro should keep the faith… he’s doing just grand. And it’s only May.


2 responses to “Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 1/2) #4

  1. It always make you go “yikes” a little when you see what Tom Maynard is doing at/for Surrey. Sorry for the offtopic, but since they are on my radar it’s a bit like getting it rubbed in all the time. Good luck

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