Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 1/2) #3


Huw Waters has an unorthodox approach to taking guard. But it seems to work for him...

65 – It would have been easy to go with 123 as the latest magic number, given the amount of times that Tom Maynard plunged a dagger through my heart with that inevitable century-on-first- return-to-former-county-that-shafted-his-father-last-winter. But let’s be positive with the magic number – yes, that’s right: Michael Powell is up and running!

Yep, that’s right. This latest magic number is the number of runs that Mikey P hit in Glamorgan’s follow-on. After Surrey piled on the runs in the first innings, on a pitch that appeared to favour those who got themselves in, my fear levels reached highs normally associated with there being a wasp being in the room.

The Dragons were all out without avoiding the follow on, but there were one/two and maybe even three high points of that 395. The First: Surrey weren’t all out – the accumulation of batting bonus points helped supplement the first instance of the season where a full haul of bowling bonus points was not attained. Whoop!

The Second: Huw Waters invoked the spirit of Chelmsford 2007 after coming in as night-watchman. A carefully constructed 54 off 1,185,956 deliveries meant the visitors were kept at bay as Mark Wallace, Graham Wagg and James Harris came in to add valuable runs in the unseasonal Cardiff heat.

And the Third? Hmmm… might have been pushing that one.

Still 180 adrift when embarking the follow on is never a position that Glamorgan supporters sit well with. Especially being one game after a first morning collapse against Gloucestershire. But Gareth Rees and Powell himself lumped on the runs in an otherwise unremarkable batting card… the draw leaves the Dragons third.

If we could leave it there, I’d be a much more satisfied man with matters. But the Clydesdale 40 started this weekend. SIGH. The first limited overs collapse of the summer didn’t take long in coming, but the Dragons managed to drag their score towards the 200 mark thanks largely to Stewart Walters’ 79.

The next highest score was Ben Wright on 25. Just to give you an example of that gulf in class. Anchored by Alex Gidman’s 60-odd, Gloucestershire saw off a small wobble to come home by three wickets with 15 balls remaining. The rationale for making those sweeping personnel changes already being undermined there…

Next up for the Dragons is a four-day game at Chelmsford versus a team who has already gifted Middlesex a win this year… how hard can it possibly be? Especially when we’ve got Huw Waters. Although Glamorgan are yet to win this season with Jim Allenby absent. Oh my. So many variables. My brain hurts…


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