Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 1/2) #1

Blank notepad and pen

No batting bonus points then...

89 is the first magic number of the season. That being the amount of runs which separated Leicestershire and Glamorgan after four innings at Grace Road. When many eyes were fixed on the start of the IPL, the believers were transfixed on the events unfolding in various towns and cities across England. I am a believer…

What do I believe in? Firstly, that the lord Jim Allenby was sent from Australia –  some might say a historical precedent – to be the shepherd that led the Glammy flock. There is absolutely NO sheep-related sub-text in that revelation. Any that you find is an abhorrent indictment of you, dear reader. I’m watching you…

Anyway, he didn’t play…

Friday 8 April – I set up camp with a notebook and a biro, poised to count in the bowling bonus points as Glamorgan bowled first. One. Two. Three. This season has started with promise. But I’d not be with notebook and biro for when it was time to bat. It transpired that it wasn’t necessary anyway – None. None. None…

Fast forward two days, for it is the only benevolent means by which the sanity of a Glammy fan can be preserved. There was hope at one stage, and it is hope that normally betrays the Dragons fan. It was 43-5 in Leicestershire’s second innings. Within 24 hours, it was 192-5. The deficit had gone from 143 to 284. Hope gone.

There were some highlights. Skipper Alviro Petersen almost carried his bat in the first innings before a cruel end on 91, and Ben Wright gave a glimpse of his talent in the second. With the ball, Dean Cosker was into his stride early, while Graham Wagg was also among the wickets. Such highlights, however, don’t earn points.

The phrase that sprung to mind early on Monday (11 April) was “copy and paste” – in that you may just be able to copy the Grace Road result and paste it into the remaining County Championship fixtures lined up for the Dragons this summer. I have utter faith in the batting line up. How could you think to the contrary?

Towards the end of last season, the notebook was really busy. There were about four Cricinfo windows open to feed me results as I calculated various outcomes in the promotion race. A race that Glammy the Hare lost to Worcy the Tortoise. I’m not sure I’ll need a notebook by autumn… hope otherwise may just be folly.


One response to “Diary of a Glamorgan Fan (Aged 25 1/2) #1

  1. You poor sausage. At least you didn’t have 400 put past you on the first day. Then again you don’t have N-Mac in your team so…

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