The A-Z Guide Of… The ICC


"Where exactly are the Netherlands"?

Following on from the relative success (i.e. more than 5 views) of The A-Z Guide of Chokers, turnandbounce now throws itself upon you with the latest offering – Bow heads and pray silence for the I.C.C!

A – Arseholes (Bunch of)
It is only within the capabilities of the faceless, self-serving group of egits at the ICC to simultaneously alienate the fans, players and commentators of the sport it purports to serve. But whatever progress had been made in convincing the world that cricket was open for business has been blown out of the water in some style.

The illogical decision to have a 10-team World Cup in 2015 featuring just the Full Members doesn’t even ensure that the best 10 teams will compete. Ireland – at 10 in the rankings – are not invited while Zimbabwe – yep, 11th – do. Zimbabwe have played as many Tests as Ireland in the last six years. What’s in a status, eh?

But the bottom line is that Associates are excluded. Without so much as a chance to prove themselves otherwise. Hope is a wonderful thing. It is even better when you take it away from an industrious upstart who might show up the Old Guard.


B-Z – More of the same…

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