Glamorgan’s Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Finally. A reason for that unique swing off the Taff End

It seems that Nigel Roberts has done alright for himself. I have nothing against the man whatsoever, but it was little more than three months ago that he threw in the towel as Glamorgan deputy chair after the sweeping personnel changes at the SWALEC, which saw off Jamie D and Matthew M.

Paul Russell and Alan Hamer moved to bring him back into the fold a couple of days later; it seemed like a long-lost sense of harmony and tranquility had been restored to God’s Own County. I do think that, given a failed bid to oust Russell by some members, this week’s announcement comes as a surprise.

The club statement that declared Nigel Roberts had become chair-elect made no reference to any specific timeframe, but the fundamental detail is that Roberts is to take the helm at some point in the near future. So how did this come about? It is unclear to those not in the know, but from the outset it appears a major shift.

Roberts quit saying: “I put a proposal to the committee… they unanimously rejected my proposal and really left me with no position but to fall on my sword.”

Is this the same proposal that now sees him on the verge of taking control of the county that he evidently appears to care deeply about? I offer no answers, only a sense of surprise that Paul Russell is to step aside. It appears to be unprompted – I wish I knew the circumstances that is breathing change into the club.

The manner in which Alviro Petersen was appointed captain and the resulting end to Jamie Dalrymple, Matthew Maynard, Peter Walker and Tom Maynard’s time at Glamorgan still makes me very uncomfortable. Surely it could have been done a bit better? Alas it’s done now. Changes, it seems, are continuing.

Throwing aside all sense of conjecture, the season is forthcoming and the time is now to accept and move forward, regardless of how distasteful it all seemed from the outset. Russell has been a good servant of Glamorgan CCC – his work means Cardiff now sits alongside Sydney, Cape Town, Lord’s etc as a Test venue.

But the change of chairmanship to Nigel Roberts offers a chance to draw the line under changes that took place in the on-the-field department before Christmas. Now the task is to turn deficits into profits and losses into gains – a tall order? It may be so, but it’ll be made harder if we continue to dwell on what’s occurred.

So onwards into the 2011 season. These are interesting times, but I’m just going to let optimism take over and see what happens… Forza Glamorgan.


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