The War of the Daffodils

Word gets out that Allenby could leave too

I suppose there was always the threat it was going to get out of hand. Masses of people descending upon Central London. The discontent simmered away as the cold winter darkness closed in; anticipation of what will emerge…

By 6pm that Thursday, we knew. Nothing more than we already did, but we knew. Decisions had been taken ‘in the best interests’ – a bullish, unwavering stance advocated within the oft-walked corridors of power.

Resignations have been tendered, sweeping reforms made. Is the process over? Apparently not. Once completed, he says, “adequate and due reflection” will be afforded to the events that have taken place over the last few weeks.

“We could not continue as we were going” is another justification for the recent alterations. But who knows where we are going now… improvements are said to be expected under this new regime, almost immediately. The proof seems a long way off. By September 2011, we’ll see consequences take shape.

But we must get one thing straight – the frustration that continues to linger amid the implemented changes should never have been directed at the Prince of Wales – a patron of affairs and no more involved with the policy making than you or I.

“I think [the division] is more reported in the press than is the case” – not exactly what the people on the streets suggest. Changes can be made if for the better, but it is hard to see whether that will transpire. Regardless of what is said among the massed cameras and microphones.

What chance a u-turn? Well, young ‘un, put down that fencing, for we might just have one. One is better than none – and the funding implication of this change of heart is to be welcomed. Certainly in the short-term, you’d hope.

The level of resentment is understandable, palpable if you will. For it is has been oft said: You cannot piss off Matthew Maynard without pissing off everyone else. But hostile scenes were a somewhat surprising accompaniment to Paul Russell’s press conference… that is what had everyone up in arms last Thursday? Right?

* for a rundown of the press conference, check out Wales Online


One response to “The War of the Daffodils

  1. What a mess Glamorgan is at the moment. It’s sadly like a mini soap opera. Similar state of affairs to what was seen at Grace Road in September, I do hope it is sorted quickly, with no more casualties, except for one.

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