GCCC – Points of View

Terry Wogan

"And they said Eurovision was silly..."

Alan from Cardiff writes to say…

Dear GCCC (Member, and indeed the general public),

I would like to… “explain the changes that have taken place at the Club over the past two weeks.

“The club has taken a number of difficult decisions – these have been taken with the objective of improving the team’s performances over the coming seasons.”

Yours, Alan

It couldn’t remain quiet for ever, one would suppose. And now The Letter – a very public explanation of how things have played out at GCCC recently.

Certain elements of the seven-point grovel are predictable and almost justifiable; one day form has been poor and needs to improve. Even if I’m a tad cynical as to the reason why – after all, four-day cricket doesn’t pay.

But there are concerns: What has Jamie Dalrymple’s alleged off-field conduct to do with anything? Have your reasons, but don’t contrive new ones. And why wasn’t Matthew Maynard involved with the appointment of Alviro Petersen as captain? Did no-one want to sit next to him on the plane?

And onto Colin Metson. Identified by a headhunter for the role of managing director. Says Alan to the Welsh press. Forgive the curiosity, but headhunter? Did this headhunter leave his desk or just point at the first person walking past the open door? All that can be said David Pleat was managing director at Spurs once…

The Letter offers a deserved right to reply but does it really address the issues? Surely you take your head coach to get a new captain, even if he doesn’t agree with the situation; telling him in the first place would be a start. But the risk of heading round in circles is a potent one.

In any case, Mrs Maynard has already said it better than I ever could.

The positive news of late has been some warm words from Mark Cosgrove, in spite of the revelation that he has other offers. If its in any way an incentive, I’ll take him for a pint in Dempsey’s and a late night Burger King to return for the T20s. That’s a promise Mark. A promise right there on the table.


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