SWALEC Landscapes


The winter. It started with the arrival of Graham Wagg. James Harris signs new terms and joy is abound; the sunshine casts itself low across the SWALEC Stadium in all its glory. Then the rain arrives. And pisses all over the parade.

Three years after the second coming of our lord Matthew Maynard, the whole edifice has been collapsed upon unbelieving heads. Hastened, it seems, by what appears to be subterfuge of Machavelli proportion.

Glamorgan Cricket announced on Wednesday (that’s 17 November in normal speak) that the club can no longer accept the poor playing standard that has been the case for the last five years. Accepted, limited overs form has been pretty rubbish in that period, but County Championship Division One won’t come any closer than it did in 2010. Why the panic now?

Whatever the primary motivation, a review chaired by Colin Metson concluded that the cricketscape at the SWALEC needed to change. At the heart of that was Alviro Petersen – overseas player and captain. Add to that the likely appointment of Metson as director of cricket. Did I mention he chaired the review?

So in comes the man Petersen, who tweets “Everyone, its Glamorgan and not Glamourgan”. Fair play Alviro – if you stick to that, I’ll remember its Petersen and not Pietersen.

The review did, however, make provision for a work experience kid to make sure the revolving door didn’t smack Jamie Dalrymple and Matthew Maynard on the arse as they made their exit. It is the least Glamorgan Cricket could do.

Support or oppose the decisions taken at your choosing, but Jonathan Agnew succinctly recognised that anything that makes Peter Walker want to walk away from the SWALEC must be a sign of the impending apocalypse… or words to that effect.

Metson is yet to be confirmed, however, and a contract is on the table for Mark Cosgrove (Capital D) to join the Twenty20 ranks in 2011. But if the revolving door is currently in exit mode, I won’t hold my breath while waiting for Cossie’s decision. Nor should I assume its safe to come out from under the table yet.

When the ‘all clear’ reverberates around Cardiff, a survey of the ruins might yet yield more fatalities. I wish not. A final note, more a bastardised paraphrasing of RS Thomas’ Welsh Landscapes:

There is no present at the SWALEC,
And no future;
There is only the past.

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